President Biden and Congress Must Act on Climate

Before the Start of COP26 International Climate Negotiations

Countdown to COP

What is COP26?

The Paris Agreement stipulates that world leaders should meet regularly to address climate change at the Conference of Parties (COP). This is the event that forms the foundation of future climate agreements. The 2021 conference, COP26, takes place in Glasgow, Scotland beginning on October 31.

Why Does it Matter?

This year’s conference is a critical summit for global action on climate. The 2021 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report tells us it’s still possible to meet the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees by cutting global emissions in half by 2030 in order to reach net zero emissions by 2050—but we have to act now.

What Needs to Happen Before COP26?

Congress must act on climate to set the stage for President Biden to lead at COP26—showing renewed American leadership at this code red moment for humanity.


What Can You Do to Help?

Contact your lawmakers in DC now to demand they set the stage for the most ambitious climate legislation in American history. President Biden can’t show up to Glasgow empty-handed: we need bold, urgent climate action now.

Send a Message Now

Don’t let President Biden show up in Glasgow empty handed: send a message to your Senators and representatives now to demand their support for bold climate action now.